Our Journey

Ravenbhel was Established in 2001 as a result of the dedicated efforts put in by a team of committed professionals with strong determination to serve Humanity We strive to become a knowledge driven pharmaceutical company with highest level of operational excellence in all spheres of life. Our core endeavors are to add value to customers and maximize the strength of customer relationships.

Board of Directors

Mr. Naresh Mahajan (Chairman & Managing Director) is a veteran in the pharmaceutical field with 35 years of diverse and rich experience of working in Pharmaceuticals of repute. He has been the pillar of strength behind the Pharmaceutical group. He has been responsible for the group reaching a turnover of Rs. 600 millions. His ability to foresee things helps company in taking excellent decisions for the future.

Mr. Yogesh Khanna (Director- Commercial & Finance) is a realist who believes more in action to achieve organizational goals & objectives. He leads from front as his financial plans always inspire people to deliver more than asked. He always ensures timely reimbursement of services at all levels. He started his career in Pharma industry in 1985 & has rich experience of working with pharmaceuticals of repute like Jagsonpal, Marvel, Mcmillon at various levels from Medical Representative to Director- Commercial & Finance.

Mr. Sanjay Khanna (Director-Marketing & Sales Administration) is highly capable in making ethical sales promotional strategies. He believes that every human being is blessed with some gifts & some rifts but to harness one’s capabilities one needs to concentrate more on his / her positive side i.e on the strengths of a person ? slowly one should help him / her to reduce the weaknesses. He started his career in Pharma industry in 1986 & has rich experience of working with pharmaceuticals of repute like Cipla, Perch, TTK Healthcare, Neon Labs. at various levels from Medical Representative to Director-Marketing & Sales Administration.

Mr. Sanjeev Sharma (Director PMT & Marketing) is big dreamer. He believes that those who dream shall only strive for it. He says that one should take full advantage of his capabilities by throwing challenges to him / her self and one should set some time bound small dreams as part of The Big Dream to achieve in life. He started his career in Pharma industry in 1990 & has rich experience of working with pharmaceuticals of repute like Meyer, Ind-swift, Core at various levels from Medical Representative to Director PMT & Marketing.

Ravenbhel Pharmaceuticals is an established & experienced company marketing finished formulations & Personal care products. It currently has a highly skilled work force of dynamic persons.

Ravenbhel Pharmaceuticals is a dynamic & a optimistic player in the pharma industry , having vision to create a truly international Pharma company that would address complete Pharma needs. the group is managed by the hardcore professionals of the Pharma industry & got the vast experience with unmatched expertise to achieve the strategic goals .
Ravenbhel Pharmaceuticals is enjoying a very high reputation among the medical fraternity.

Ravenbhel believes in doing innovation & differentiation, in order to meet our customers need we have developed a huge basket of Pharma products which is addressing all the ... therapeutic dosage forms like Tab, Capsules , syrups ,ointments ,sterile parenteral, protein granules & herbal products.

We at Ravenbhel Pharmaceuticals never compromise when it comes to quality of a product and constantly work towards satisfying the needs of the customer.

Research And Developement

Research and Development is a part of our strategy to become an integrated pharmaceutical industry. We believe R & D is of critical importance in our need to grow in the area of biotechnology and original drug research

Formulation Development :
The aim here is to devise formulations and dosage forms for new drugs to be introduced and to make variants of particular dosage forms. Another objective is to introduce drug combinations by understanding the mechanism of the interaction and the combined effects in increasing intensity of response, in decreasing untoward actions and in altering absorption.

New Drug delivery System :
The development of new delivery systems like nanoparticles and controlled drug delivery systems to ensure better compliance, less total drug, efficiency in treatment and economy.

Bio-equivalence studies :
Ravenbhel Pharmaceuticals is driven by it Vision to achieve significant business in proprietary prescription products with a strong presence in the pharma market. Ravenbhel Pharmaceuticals is eyeing upon better health achievement through effective and safe medicines based on technological innovation. Achieving customer satisfaction is fundamental to our business.

Process Developement:
One of our key objectives has been to develop indigenous processes for new drugs introduced in the developed countries, produce and introduce them in lots of countries and promptly supply them to non-regulatory markets.