Quality is our strength and in order to maintain it at every stage of productions we have in house most modern testing Laboratory equipped with all necessary instruments and highly qualified technical staff. Our definition of the word 'QUALITY' is what we practice in our everyday life.
Due to company's aspiration in preserving the high quality of the medicaments it offers, the company has no compromise over the raw materials consisting it’s products, thus importing quality raw materials from reliable sources spreading in lots of countries .
Ravenbhel Pharmaceuticals operate in total compliance with the G.M.P. norms set by the W.H.O. These norms are controlled by a superior hi-tech quality control laboratory divided to three laboratories.

  • Chemical laboratory
  • Physical Laboratory
  • Microbiological Laboratory

Ravenbhel Pharmaceuticals strive to provide customers with quality products that exceeds their expectations.

Ravenbhel Pharmaceuticals achieve this through our Quality Assurance program developed to ensure continuous validation and improvement in all areas of the manufacturing process.

The depth of experience, capabilities, knowledge of our technical professionals and the advanced scientific analytical instruments assures that a world class quality of final product reaches our customers